When a pet is injured, getting them medical care often isn't a question. Unfortunately, most vets will not see an animal unless cash can be provided upfront. If you don't have cash in your checking account, you may not be able to pay for the medical treatment that your pet needs. A cash title loan may be able to help.

Title Loans Can Get Your Pet Treated Faster

There are many injuries that can get worse over time. Internal injuries, poisoning, cancer, and broken bones; all of these are uncomfortable for your pet and will be more expensive to treat later on.

Nevertheless, many vets cannot operate on or give treatment to an animal unless you're prepared to pay upfront. This isn't because they're cruel-hearted; it's because it is very difficult to collect payment after the service has been rendered. 

A cash title loan gives you the resources that you might need to get your pet treated now. Unlike many other types of loan, a cash title loan can often be funded in minutes, as long as the necessary documentation is available. Often, you can walk right into the loan company's office with your papers and walk out with cash.

You Can Get a Title Loan Without Good Credit

Even if it isn't an emergency and you don't need to pay for medical care immediately, a cash title loan can still be the best option for you. To get cash for a vet, you can use a credit card, open a credit line, or get a cash title loan. Cash title loans, unlike the other options, don't require you to have good credit and a solid financial history.

If you don't have good credit right now, you may not be able to fix it in time to get your friend the medical help they need. Some surgeries may take weeks to prep for, but that's often not long enough to get your credit score increased, even if it is enough time to get a credit line. A cash title loan doesn't require good credit because the loan is secured with the equity of your vehicle. A cash title loan may also be your only option if you've already maxed out your existing credit lines.

Cash Title Loans Are More Affordable 

Most medical emergencies aren't a single expenditure. Your pet may have additional costs afterwards. Getting the lowest cost loan possible is going to help.

Cash title loans are often affordable and flexible, because they are equity loans. Credit cards, credit lines, and personal loans are all "unsecured" loans; they are loans that are not secured with any type of physical property. This makes them high risk and more expensive.

Cash title loans may initially look more expensive, because they could have higher interest rates. But cash title loans are also expected to be paid back faster than the estimates for lines of credit or credit cards. You'll need to compare the total amount of interest paid to truly determine whether a cash title loan is the best option for you.

Get Emergency Funds Without Impacting Your Liquidity

If you max out your existing credit cards or max out a line of credit, you aren't going to have any extra cash in the event that something else goes wrong. You may be able to help your pet now, but if the medical costs increase later, you may find yourself in the same situation.

Taking out a cash title loan will leave you with credit cards and an optional line of credit, which you can consider using if the situation progresses. It's generally better to start with your lower interest options and work your way up to higher interest options later on, but you may also need to consider how quickly you can fund each option. If your pet needs medical attention, you often need cash fast. A cash title loan is a solid way to get this cash and get your furry friend the attention they need. For more information about current options and rates, contact Tennessee Title Loan today.