Get Back On Track Financially After The Holidays

The holiday season can be an extremely taxing time of the year for your budget. Everything from Thanksgiving dinner to the extensive costs of Christmas, New Year’s, or Hanukah gifts can completely upend your budget and planning. If you found yourself going over your monthly budget this holiday season and you need help bouncing back, a title loan is one of the quickest and easiest ways to get the money you need today. Come into Tennessee Title Loan today to meet with one of our title loan experts to get the money you need today.

Average Holiday Costs

The average American spent $708.03 on the holidays this year, with 12% of Americans spending more than $1,000 this year. These costs could easily be much higher if you decided to travel to visit family this year. On average, most Americans spend about $125 on travel for the holidays, though if you are planning on flying, that cost could easily go up to $300-500 per person. If you found yourself spending anywhere near this amount this year, it should come as no surprise that you could find yourself a little bit strapped for cash this January.

Upcoming January Expenses

Now that the holidays are done, you might be thinking that you are in the clear for expenses, but January can be an extremely expensive month. All of your normal bills and expenses will be there, but if you took on any debt this holiday season, you will have all of the expenses of that debt to worry about as well.

January is one of the coldest months of the year, and that means that your energy costs are going to be as high as ever. You can expect your energy bill to be between 50-150% higher than your average month. If you have a midsized house, that could make your bill a few hundred dollars more than average. Tax season is on the horizon, and if you want to get ahead of tax season this year, you can easily prepare your taxes or go into a tax professional in January to get a jump on the season. Having your taxes prepared by a professional will cost you between $200-600, but that cost can easily be offset by getting a better tax return.

Why Choose A Title Loan

If you took on any debt this holiday season, you most likely put that debt on at least one credit card. Credit cards are one of the most common forms of debt, but that commonality does not make credit cards a good idea. It is beneficial to have a very small amount of credit card debt to increase your credit score, but anything more than minor debt can be extremely damaging. The average interest rate for most major credit cards is currently hovering right around 17.3%. The entirety of that interest payment is just lost money.

Title loans are one of the most efficient ways to get the cash you need today. With short payment timelines and lower interest rates, title loans are much better for your finances than credit cards. You can easily save yourself thousands of dollars and keep yourself debt free by utilizing title loans. If you are interested in learning more about title loans, come into Tennessee Title Loan today to meet with one of our loan experts. Our elite team will help you get the money you need today and will work with you to make sure that you get the perfect loan for you.

Fast & Easy Title Loans

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