Has Back To School Shopping Left You Short On Cash?

Our children, grandchildren, nieces, and nephews are some of the greatest gifts and sources of joy in our lives. As parents and family members, we want to give our children everything that we possibly can, especially the things that we never had when we were kids. With summer coming to an abrupt close, you most likely have already tackled the oftentimes expensive project of back to school shopping. Depending on how many children you have and how old your children are, these shopping trips can quickly become overwhelming and stressful. If back to school shopping has taken a toll on your budget this year, let the expert staff here at Tennessee Title Loan get you the cash you need today.


Depending on how old your child is, you will need to pick up a wide variety of school supplies. Younger children will need everything from child-safe scissors to colored pencils and notebooks. One of the most expensive school supplies no matter your child’s age will be textbooks. The older your child gets the more expensive these books will become. If you have a child in college, you know that these books can easily run you a few hundred dollars every semester. If you are unprepared, these costs can really throw a curveball on your budget. You can cut down on costs by getting your books from book rental services, or by checking them out from the library if possible.

These school supplies can leave you feeling like you have no cash left to fall back on. If you are looking to get the cash you need after going school supply shopping, come into Tennessee Title Loan to meet with one of our loan experts today. Our elite team will get you the cash you need on the same day you come in!


Buying your children new clothes is another huge expense that happens around this time of year. This expense can vary widely depending on your child’s interest in fashion, but with back to school sales in full swing, it makes a lot of financial sense to buy the clothes for the year now. The unfortunate reality is that this time of the year is rife with expenses, and if you are unprepared, these new clothes could easily push you over budget. With 97% of parents planning to buy back to school clothes for their children, the rush to the sales has been intense. The average cost of back to school clothes shopping is $284 per child. With supplies only costing an average of $104 per child, these clothes can quickly become one of the larger expenses of the year.

If back to school shopping has left you short on cash this year there is no need to stress. Come into Tennessee Title Loan today to meet with our loan experts and get the money that you need on the same day. Our team offers a wide variety of loans on vehicles ranging from cars and trucks to motorcycles and boats. Come in to get the cash you deserve today!


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